Final – All The President’s Men – Day 4

Wednesday, May 21st

Watch movie: 01:24 – 02:00 (Woodward and Bernstein finally get a break in the story and as they confirm with their sources they realize the break-in is a small part of a larger conspiracy)

Assignment: Answer your day 4 question about the movie.

Final – All The President’s Men – Day 3

Tuesday, May 7th

Watch movie – 00:55 – 1:25 (editors questions the validity of the story, Woodward and Bernstein press forward with their reporting)

Assignment – Answer your daily question for day 3.

Final – All The President’s Men – Day 2

Monday, May 19th

Watch movie – 00:20 – 00:55 (Bernstein uses some interesting tactics to get information)

Assignment – Record your answer to the daily question, Day 2

Final – All The President’s Men – Day 1

Friday, May 16th

Begin watching the movie “All The President’s Men” today.  We will be watching the movie in roughly 30 minute increments over the next several days.  There are a series of handouts which were given to all students on this day which coincide with the movie and the final assignment, a 500-word essay on how the personalities of Woodward and Bernstein worked together to help them break the series of stories that led to President Nixon’s resignation.  Please see Mr. Lewis right away for the personalities handout and the daily questions worksheet.  Please record your answer to just one of the daily questions on a single sheet of paper.

Movie – 00:00 – 00:20 (Watergate break-in and the beginning of the story)

Assignment: Daily answer to Day 1 question.
APM - 2 - CastAPM - 3 - Personalities

Final – All The President’s Men

Wednesday, May 14th

For our final in this class, we will be studying both history and journalism and how the two have had a profound impact on journalism today, specifically in regards to reporting.  We will look at the Watergate scandal and how two reporters from the Washington Post exposed the truth that led to the resignation of President Nixon in 1974.

Each day, I will post the assignment here on the website.  If you missed a day where we watched a portion of the movie, you will need to come to Mr. Lewis’ room during 4th hour to view the portion of the film you missed.

Day 1 – The Watergate Scandal (*see Mr. Lewis for the handout)

Read the handout on the Watergate scandal and on a separate sheet of paper answer the following questions. (*This is not a notebook assignment)

  1. In your view, what was the most significant consequence of the Watergate scandal?
  2. Watergate was not an isolated incident of wrongdoing.  Please explain two of the other scandals involving the Nixon administration.
  3. Why did the burglars break in to the offices at the Watergate Hotel?
  4. What is CRP and how is it significant to Watergate?
  5. How were tapes involved in the Watergate scandal?
  6. What were the roles of Woodward and Bernstein in the Watergate scandal?
  7. The identity of Deep Throat was a mystery for years and years after the scandal.  Who was “Deep Throat,” when did his identity become known, and why did he talk to Woodward during the investigation?  Finally, why did he eventually reveal his identity? (You will need to do more research than the readings presented here.)

Opinion Writing

Tuesday, May 6th

Half-price drinks at Sonic today, ALL DAY LONG! Just kidding.  Wanted to see if you were paying attention.  Here are the notes on opinion writing.  Be sure to see Mr. Lewis for the handout if you were absent.

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Personality Profile

April 24, 2014 Leave a comment

Thursday, April 24th

Today we will begin the process of writing a feature story called a personality profile.  This is a profile on a person (student, teacher, etc.) whose story has significance to the audience (in our case, high school students).

The steps for this project are:

  1. Complete a “Develop the Story” worksheet
    1. Identify the subject of your profile and two other sources who know that person well.
  2. Develop 21 questions for your interviews using the 21 Questions handout as a guide (scroll down on this page to find it).
  3. Conduct your interviews and be sure to take good notes!
  4. Write your rough draft.
  5. Peer edits (two rounds like with your news story)
  6. Polish and complete final draft.

For information on personality profiles, go to slides 14-17 in the presentation below.


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